Lighting and Electrical

Proper lighting is the most important part of making a room comfortable and functional. There are three types of lighting: General, Task, and Indirect.

The pendant lights seen here provide both accent lighting to the vanity top as well as soft, soothing, general lighting for this guest bathroom.

General lighting lights the entire room so you can walk through or find your glasses. The most common and least attractive is a fixture in the center of the ceiling. Task lighting illuminates what you’re doing; a floor lamp lights the book you’re reading or under-cabinet lights make preparing a meal easier. Indirect lighting is reflected off the wall or ceiling such as from a sconce or a light hidden on top of a cabinet. Some lighting can serve two purposes: well placed recessed lights over kitchen counters provide both task and general lighting.

Mark Gentry is a licensed electrical contractor and is skilled in designing pleasant, functional lighting.


This generator runs on household propane. It starts up automatically when there is a power failure, and tests itself once a month to make sure it's working.

In order to ensure those lights and electricity works properly throughout the year uninterrupted Mark Gentry has experience installing backup generators that can be used to ensure your house has power when there are rolling blackouts, temporary power failure for maintenance, or a tree branch that fell on a power line. Generators supply power directly into your home and need no refueling.